Paroles Sydney's Lynchbox de Nazz

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  • Artiste: Nazz28559
  • Chanson: Sydney's Lynchbox
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Sydney's Lynchbox

Sydney's Lynchbox

I got lost in my sleep five thousand miles from here
I was seduced by a lady with deadly snakes in her hair
There was a dragon there who could have been anywhere
There was me, and the beast, and fire in the air

I was the first knight to fly but tumbled out of the sky
To meet fiendish Grendel where the sea hag hides
On the grain of dust where I meander
Aphrodite does what I command her

I want to dream back and fly with Mercury
Fly on wings to Helium and I will not believe
You're everywhere that ever was
See everyone whose ever sung
I love the emperoress of a distant sun

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