Paroles Christmas Dream de Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond
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  • Artiste: Neil Diamond4180
  • Chanson: Christmas Dream
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Textes et Paroles de Christmas Dream

Feel it, can you feel it?
Somethings coming, ain't it wonderful
Like a miracle, inspiration, jubilation, celebration coming round

This is Christmas said the wise-man
Join me seeker, walk beside me
I will take you to the blind man
He will show you what was lost on Christmas day

He took me through a Christmas dream
Where everything was strange and dear
There's nothing was the way it seemed
Without explaining what it means

As men and women, sons and daughters
Wait like children for their gifts on Christmas day

Christmas dream
I saw me there
Christmas dream
I called my name in my sleep
I looked away, was only thinking of myself

Feel it, can you feel it?
If you want to it can heal you
Like a miracle, inspiration, jubilation celebration going down

This is Christmas said the wise-man
To the sailor lost on dry land
Let me take you to the harbour
Stand beside you and lead you farther on your way

They headed for a Christmas dream
The one that changed it all for me
The one that somehow made me see
That I'd become what I should be

When men and women, sons and daughters
Become children at the break of Christmas day

Christmas dream it comes to me
Christmas dream, when I'm alone
When I'm lost, it brings me home
That Christmas dream awake in me

Christmas dream
Was something that it spoke to me
It told what Christmas had to be
And when I found it I was free

Said men and women,sons and daughters
Are all forgiven when they wake on Christmas day

Christmas dream at Christmas time
Christmas dream I found my way
Came to me and now I pray
That Christmas lives forever

Christmas dream on Christmas day
Christmas dream the whole world gives
I can see because we live
It speaks to me in every way

Christmas dream it fills my mind
It makes me see I came to find
That we can be together
And not forget the Christmas dream

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