Paroles Deep Inside Of You de Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond
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  • Artiste: Neil Diamond4180
  • Chanson: Deep Inside Of You
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Textes et Paroles de Deep Inside Of You

Good morning
I love you
Now that you're here where you belong
I want to be the man you need

Just tell me you love me
Because I need to hear it, too
Just let me be the one
You carry deep inside of you

I need you beside me
The road is so long
You run through my heart
Like the words of a bitter-sweet song

I'd travel the whole world
Across the earth, around the sun
If I could be the one
You carry deep inside of you

Without you beside me
The road is so long
You live in my heart
And it hurts when I think of you gone
I need you in my way.
I have no right to love so true
But let me be the one
The one who lives inside of you
Just let me be the one
You carry deep inside of you

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