Paroles Everything's Gonna Be Fine de Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond
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  • Chanson: Everything's Gonna Be Fine
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Textes et Paroles de Everything's Gonna Be Fine

Ooh, babe, you're a hot little number
Waitin' out there on the line
For you, babe, it's a matter of love
And me, it's a matter of time

For us babe, it's a matter decided
Know that I made up my mind
I'm gonna love you, you're gonna love me
And everything's gonna be fine

Ooh, baby, I'm feelin' your heat
Hot as the Fourth of July
Me, I know that your kisses are sweet
And there's something between you and I

And oh, babe, I may look like I'm okay
I'm going out of my mind
'Cause I wanna love you
And if I can love you
And everything's gonna be fine

Ooh, you got to know it
Need a little romance now
And I got to show it
Won't you give me the chance now
Oh yeah, oh yeah.....

Ooh, babe, you're a sign on the freeway
Beggin' me please to slow down
But watch out babe,
I'm inclined to believe there's no way
To turn it around.

For us babe, it's a matter decided
Already made up my mind
I'm gonna love you,
And you're gonna love me
And everything's gonna be fine

You got to know it
You need a little romance, too
And I got to show it
If you give me the chance to
Oh yeah.......

I want you, I need you
There's not much more to say
I want you to need me
You want to make me wait for you,
Babe, you're a sign on the freeway
Beggin' me please, take my time
Ain't gonna hurry, don't gotta worry
Everything's gonna be fine
Oh yeah....
Everything's gonna be fine
Everything's gonna work out just fine....

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