Paroles Fool That I Am de Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond
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  • Artiste: Neil Diamond4180
  • Chanson: Fool That I Am
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Textes et Paroles de Fool That I Am

Fool that I am
Oh, I let love past me on by
Oh, now I know that so lonely
And every night I sit in my room
And think about a love that might have been
Fool that I am

Darling, you came to me
Oh, I turned you away
And I first consented
You offered a love, ya
That was so sweet and good
And now the chance
Will never come again
Fool that I am

Oh oh oh

Once I thought love was just a game, baby
Mmm mmm
Just to be played, to be played
Now I know the truth
It's t to late, It's just to late
A little bit to late
It's to late, to late, to late, to late

I turn this way
Just to have have you in my arms
But I know you'll turn away
It's all over

You gave me the chance, ya
For a lasting love
But I just laughed and sent you on your way
Fool That I Am

The Fool That I Am
The Fool That I Am

I'm not gonna let you see me cry, baby
But 'm not to proud, not to proud
I'll get down on my knees
No, I'm not to proud baby
No no no no no no no
I'm not to proud

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