Paroles I'm Afraid de Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond
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  • Chanson: I'm Afraid
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Textes et Paroles de I'm Afraid

I'm afraid, so afraid
That you'll go
And I'll know
It's the end
The end of all the love I ever knew
And the kisses tender as
The morning dew

I'm afraid
So afraid
Destiny did foresee lonely days
I'll never understand
The reason why
Why a love as warm as ours
Should ever die

All I want is you
Standing close to me
You can make me walk the line
If you love me to
Listen to my plea
Darlin' won't you say that you're mine

I'm afraid, so afraid
That you'll leave me to grieve
Every night
And every tear will tell
The price I paid
I played the game of love
And I'm afraid, I'm afraid
So afraid
So afraid

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