Paroles Memphis Flyer de Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond
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  • Artiste: Neil Diamond4180
  • Chanson: Memphis Flyer
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Textes et Paroles de Memphis Flyer

Take me home on the Memphis Flyer
Take me home to a point down south
Got to go just to keep from dying
Come on, baby,
You and me gonna play house

You and me on the wings of freedom
You and me leave it all behind
I can't say where it's all been leadin'
But come on, baby
Before we go changin' our mind

We can fly
Like a bird on the wings of a song
We get by
We're alive but you know that it won't
Be too long, be too long, be too long

Come on, honey
Time to be movin' on
Now or never, baby

Got to fly like a song of freedom
Got to fly just to save my soul
You get by on the song I'm singin'
Come on, baby
We're too young to be gettin' old

We can fly
Like a bird on the wings of a song
We get by
We're alive but we won't be too long
We can fly, we can fly,
We can fly, we can fly

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