Paroles Men Are So Easy de Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond
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  • Chanson: Men Are So Easy
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Textes et Paroles de Men Are So Easy

Didn't I tell you
Don't you remember
Said it so clearly
Couldn't you hear me
I wasn't pretending
I said that I love you
As plain as I can do
Why complicate it?
Why go and make it so hard?
Men are so easy
Laugh if you want to
Once they decifer
They take you for life and
It's worth hanging on to
They tell you they love you
In ways that they can do
Men are so easy
Why does it need to be hard?

A boy becomes a man
And in the time he learns to stand
He finds a way to build a wall
To hide behind if he should fall
He grows to be a man
And show the world that he can stand
Not knowing fear
Or even pain while
Underneath when you look deep
A boy remains
Yes, men are so easy
Just lift up the covers
Cause that's where they hide and
That's where you find them
They are yours to discover
You learn how to read them
And show how you need them
Yes, men are so easy
Just love them and let them be free
It's not complicated
Men are so easy
Like me...

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