Paroles The Man You Need de Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond
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  • Chanson: The Man You Need
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Textes et Paroles de The Man You Need

I never did believe
That I would end up losing you this way
As far as I could see
The life we had was always gonna stay
And I tried to be
The man you need

I'll never understand
What I expected out of loving you
The way we had it planned
There always could be
Room enough for two
To live and grow
How could I know
I wouldn't be the man you need

And I wanna know why
Yeah, I wanna know how
Say I wanna know where
Everything went wrong
And I'm sorry, 'cause I love you

You told me more than once
I never understood my way around
The way that things worked out
I'm still not really sure
Of where I'm bound
You knew me well
I should have seen
I couldn't be the man you need

And I reach for the sky
I reach for the stars
And all of the time
I was reaching for you
And I'm sorry, 'cause I love you

Say it now again
I'm holdin' on
I've only just begun
To learn the meaning of not having you
I thought for sure
That I would be the man
You need forever more

That I would be the man
You need forever more
I want to be the man
You need forever more

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