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Nephenzy Chaos Order
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Textes et Paroles de Nephenzy Chaos Order

Like a bliss, a kiss from the lips of the leper.
Enter and ignite these walls of sense in me.
Demon, Fever, Madness, Deceiver,
Inject yourself into man and defeat her.

The crystalline structure of all that we run from.
Blazing with madness, within us yet lonesome.
A kingdom ruled by the weirdest of kings,
Some kind of serpent feathered goat with wings.

Heroin, mescaline, proud imitators.
Birds walking into mouths of alligators.
Cocaine, mezzadrine, cheapest of clones.
For merely its reek turns these bread into stones.

Stellar prince, no one wins, in your eyes no one sins.
Murderous, treacherous, eternal Orobouros.
Order through chaos, reverse and betray us.
Cancerous cure do you love us or hate us?

We may aim to see it clear
And yearn to meet its face,
Yet it hides within itself
In kaleidoscopic grace.
Faceless self.
Out of sight.
With eyes so dark they make the night sky look bright.

Mirrored the map was, reversed and backwards.
I found you, escaped you, and look what it came to;
A life filled with nothing a world filled with scum,
A knife and a rope and a bottle of rum

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