Paroles V de Neuraxis

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  • Artiste: Neuraxis6949
  • Chanson: V
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Textes et Paroles de V

[Lyrics: A. Leblanc, Music: O. Pinard, R. Milley]

A serpent slithering slowly
Secretly crawling towards his (its) next prey
Driven by the urge to feast on the weak
A moral secretion emerges
As the animal approaches

The viper anticipates the strike
The perfect victim awaits the perfect predator

(Bitten by the beast)
The venom injected / the feeble paralyzed
Destroyed by fear, ready for the kill
To be consumed as the strong survives

Piercing the skin / to attain the blood
Struggles to escape / only entraps further
Unable to scream / panic through suffocation
As the enemy violates / possession of the flesh

A metabolism produced to invade
Toxic mixture created to rule
To take over and desecrate
The host from inside (within)
Power in the presence
Of this virulent nemesis

A sudden seizure occurs
A lethal dose
Through the system flows
Incurable forms of parasite

(Bitten by the poison)
The virus injected / the subject diminished
Ruined at its core, bacterial disease
Feeding his way to survival

Piercing the skin / to reach the bloodstream
Attempts to revive / only to empower the sickness
Unable to heal / the infection grows
As the enemy progresses / dominance of the flesh

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