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Textes et Paroles de Best Man

Me and you babe

I've been knowing you several years watched you laugh even shed tears, my dear
But we've only been friends and kept it like that
Now were getting older and I don't know how to act
As a matte of fact there's something I wanna ask and its...

Have you ever considered me as the best man for you (please tell me the truth right now)
Have you ever looked at me and said that's who I wanna say I do to (I'm talking bout your future now)
Have you ever imagined me as the best man for you

Have You Ever

I know I'm coming out of the blue, so suddenly
Just wanted to make sure I was ready to be up front with your sweetie listen to me
Can't you see (I'm so tired)
Of spending time with other women (so sick and tired)
Of spending my money and don't wanna (I hope you're tired)
Of just being friends and keeping it like that
Cause we're getting older and I don't know how to act
As a matter of fact there's something I wanna ask and it's...


Why Can't It Be (ooh)
Me and You

All the time
Hanging out
Having a good time
(this is meant to be)
Yes it does
We'll be happy

Why Can't I BE (ooh)
Me and You

Is it our history (tell me)
Cause I can't see (alright)
When did you give a (hell)
I really hope you know (know)
That I'm in love with you
Come on and tell me baby I need to know now

[Chorus 2x]

Have You Ever


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