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New Kids On The Block
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  • Chanson: Put It On My Tab
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Textes et Paroles de Put It On My Tab

(feat. Akon)

Hey, sexy body, keepin' low key, is with nobody
Chillin' in the spot, so hot
Fellas walk by her and they wanna try
And get up in her face and holler
Talk about what they got
Don't they know that you're not that type of
Girl to take 'em for a one nighter
You just came to have a drink

Put it on my tab, I'm buying, I'm sending a bottle your way
Put it on my tab cause you had a long day
Put it on my tab, I'm buying, I'm sending another your way
Put it on my tab, keep doing your thing
Put it on my tab, oh..

Hey, pretty lady, lookin' at you,
I'm thinking maybe I can slide up and talk
Feel my active, feeling attraction,
Gotta brother thinking of asking if I could know your name,
Your age, your sign, what's on your mind
You might think that I'm the type of cat,
That wants to hit it tonight
But I just came to have a drink


Hey Mr. Bartender, please make a pina cololada
Hold the alchohol, please
And whatever baby girl, is sippin' on,
You can tell her, drinks on me
Cause I got money to burn, as it really does grows on trees
Cause her beautiful body got me willing to party
And she got a big hold on me
She's holding, oh yes, she's holding
Holding on as much as I'm holding back
I wanna keep her mind on me
You're the reason why I'm tossing these stacks
As a matter of fact, tonight the drinks on me

[Chorus 3x]

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