Paroles Rescue de Newsboys

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  • Artiste: Newsboys18675
  • Chanson: Rescue
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Textes et Paroles de Rescue

Old as the hills, new everyday
It's in the bones like it's DNA
First taste is sweet 'til it rots in your mouth
Another old friend who rats you out
All of the time in this life
Can't loose the ties that bind
They shackle our feet, we trip, we fall
We crawl
I was born in the mess of it all

Then You rescued me, rescued me
Lord, with a touch of Your hand
Another captive free again
Who else in heaven could do this but You?
You rescued me, rescued me
Lord, with a love out of mind
Oh, You know I love it when
Everyday I am rescued again

Over the years your nature's way
Is turning wrongs into roles you play
Caught in a spell that's overcast
You gain perspective, it doesn't last
All of the time in this life
Can't loose the ties that blind you
They're new everyday, old as the fall
The fall
And I was born in the mess of it all

Every day, every way, every
Every cheap imitation
All of my imagination
Even my self-preservation
Is yours in time

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