Paroles Steal Love de Nick Kamen

Nick Kamen
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  • Artiste: Nick Kamen3699
  • Chanson: Steal Love
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Textes et Paroles de Steal Love

Kamen, M.Paxman and P.Muggleton

You know it doesn't have to be this way
Stealing's a crime

I remember what they said
I've tried hard to put you out of my head
It's only you that i think of

You lied, i wanted so much
You take me for granted
If that ain't enough oh baby

Why do you steal love

Reaching out touching no-one
It's so hard to imagine loving anyone else
I cried so hard you may not have seen

I realise the warmth of a touch
Of someone who needs you
Is never enough oh baby

Why do you steal love
Why can't you feel love
Why do you steal love
(Away from me)

Well i've tried yes i've tried
And i know deep in my heart
I'll never let go
You'll always have me

I guess there's nothing much left to say
After two years of talking you're still my love
You know you'll always have me
(Always have me)

Why do you steal love (steal love)
Why can't you feel love (feel love)
Why do you steal love (steal love)
Away from me
Tell me now

Chorus out

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