Paroles Tambourine de Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj
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  • Chanson: Tambourine
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Textes et Paroles de Tambourine

[talkin: Nicki Minaj]
Minaj A.K.A, ya kno
When I do it like I get the tambourines, I get the whistles, I get all dat
U kno what I'm sayin like I mite put some shirley temple curls n all dat but I'm still a boss bitch
Like like dnt get it twisted u kno I do this lil this lil this lil party shit this lil tambourine shit
All dat shit u kno da drums I got some africans with me sit on ya favorite africans face it's nufin
But luk, I goes in ngga

Fuk a lick a whore, I'll stick a whore in da 44 tell her lick a more
U got a sick flo, I'm sick-a-more, it's like a game show when I pick-a-door
Guess who's next 2 get bodied when I catch u in your maserati, eehh
Nicki been hot since she was givin high fives
Headed 2 da spot with da I-95
When I cum tru erbody say hi, I get it free lil mami why buy?
I am da one and your a dun dunn dunn, I can say nutin make it sound like sutin

[talkin: Nicki Minaj]
Where my bitches at, I c u, uh huh, ok, come on come on come on, let's get it let's get it uh huh, 1 2 3

Why dey come with it I mean why dey all on me
My name nicki, pretty nicki what dey call me
Just got da lense and I put it n my frame, just got da benz and I put it in my name
Just got dat rope got dat dookie gold chain, just got dat dope bamboo earrings
Now all I need is some big dingalang, school bella rang like tangalang-a-lang
Say I'm 2 pretty 2 b spittin dis rotten, bitch get slick then a bitch get gotten
Now I'm da master dats what's poppin, aw lawde pick a bella cotton

[talkin: Nicki Minaj]
Dam I gotta laugh cause u can't b serious like I'm playin with dese bitches I'm laughin all da way 2 bank
Fifty holla atcha girl southside jamaica queens it's nufin
Unh come on, I'm a do da beyonce dance and all dat I'm bout 2 shoot a video 2 dis shit and all dat chea
Getcha getcha tambourine bitches [x2]

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