Paroles Not Like Me de Ninety Pound Wuss

Ninety Pound Wuss
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  • Artiste: Ninety Pound Wuss12082
  • Chanson: Not Like Me
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Textes et Paroles de Not Like Me

there's no reason to do just what you say. all i fought comes round ten times my way. strange looking sequence, i'm falling apart today. carrying over into new memories. no it's not like this, no it's not like you at all. no it's not like this, no it's not like you at all. no it's not like this and no it's not like me. now what should i say to all your questioning? your life is vacant, your words just trivial, dogmatic, meaningless, with no relationship at all. you've lost community. no how can you live? revolution, spinning around again. lost in rebellion. burnt on religion. new conviction. i won't do what you say. new conviction. i won't do what you say

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