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No Authority
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  • Chanson: Why
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Textes et Paroles de Why

Someone tell me why, why, why
Does it hurt everyday
All I do is cry, cry ,cry
Why do I feel this way
Just let me live my life
Please undo this pain
'Cause I can't take this no, no, no more
You're all I'm living for

Now baby, I just sit here and think
Of you and how it got this way
I told you that forever's in view
But instead you chose to leave
Now I'm on my knees


Now you knew that I wanted you to stay
So how could you just turn away
Now baby, I've done all that I could
But you're still going away, I never thought you would

How can I go on living this way
When my love was yours to claim, you just turned it away...


This is a letter to a thing called love
A lot of people tell me that love is a beautiful thing
But I witness the pain it brings
So love, If you still remain
Please bring your sun to my never ending rain
I love you

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