Paroles Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime) de Nofx

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  • Artiste: Nofx4043
  • Chanson: Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)
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Textes et Paroles de Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)

I'll throw a pie in the face of piety
I'll torch a torah right off a bridge
I am a reverend of irreverence
I'm a shill for any sacrilege
I understand that faith in a deity
Helps the masses who are having hard times
But blasphemy like prostitution
Are clearly victimless crimes
Blasphemy, blasphe-you, Jesus Christ the blackest Jew
Blasphe-you, blasphemy, poisonous pedagogy
I'm an unbeliever, I'm a heretic
I'm gonna projectile puke off a pew
I'm a trouble making immature imp
I'm gonna turn your other cheek for you
I understand we all need something to believe in
I believe I'll never be given wings and
I'm sorry if it's up there cuz I didn't think
A song was gonna hurt its feelings
Blasphemy, speaking deadpan
Apparently this god has got a master plan
Now they call foul, pure heresy
But ya gotta wonder, does he have a plan B?
Horus similar to Mithra, Attis analogous to Krishna
Jesus, different name same story
All based on ancient Egyptian allegory
My position hasn't been occulted
It can never be more overstated
My intelligence has been insulted
So my tongue lashes out in defense
Anything that is your holy or sacred
I'm gonna desecrate and use in jest
But you'll never hear a crack about Mohammed
Cuz I don't wanna get shot in the chest
Blasphemy, isn't this fun
Rob a rabbi, bugger a nun
Blasphemy, want some more?
Mother Mary, the virgin whore

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