Paroles We March To The Beat Of Indifferent Drum de Nofx

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  • Artiste: Nofx4043
  • Chanson: We March To The Beat Of Indifferent Drum
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Textes et Paroles de We March To The Beat Of Indifferent Drum

With our ass in the air and our heads in the ground
There's no sense of despair, without sight, without sound
We hold our ears and shut our eyes
Distant screams morph into lullabies
We beat indifferent drum, we pound it till we're numb

We validate, rationalize, corroborate each others lives
Pat my back and I'll pat yours, benevolent conquistadors
We piss down throats, shit in cupped hands
Wipe our asses with all foreign flags
We beat indifferent drum, we pound it till we're numb

20 feet high, 2 feet thick, barbed wire, razor blades
The wall was built to keep them out while keeping us in goose step parades
We don't questions what we've become
We march to the beat of the same indifferent drum
We beat it till we're numb, we beat it till we're numb

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