Paroles No Big Surprise de Nomeansno

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  • Artiste: Nomeansno12298
  • Chanson: No Big Surprise
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Textes et Paroles de No Big Surprise

I hauled my ass to hell and gone
put the boots to the dawn
The sky was empty and the stars were bright
But it snowed like December on a summer night
All that screaming and all those moans
Honey, don't it make you cry
lt wasn't very pretty and it wasn't real nice
But that was no big surprise

I saw your heart when I looked in your eyes
That's where the shadows lie
Stop your whining you son of a bitch
I've got the bull by the horns, I've got my hand on the whip
All you showed me was a clever disguise
You thought I wasn't wise
Bot I saw your heart when I looked in your eyes
And that was no big surprise

All of your schemes and those well laid plans
Have come tumbling down
Nothing will be left of this ruin end death
You're out of money end you're out of breath
I'm lighter than air, I'm a cloud of smoke
You're fucking finished end that's no joke
With a snap of my fingers, in the blink of an eye
That was no big surprise

Can you hear my prayer?
As it floats on high
Do you want to know why?
Like the fish in the deep blue see
Like an eagle in a clear blue sky
I've got no time to wonder why

I've got a gun in my pocket and a knife in my hand
I'm one hell of a man
I'm ten feet tall, I've lived a thousand years
I've got nothing to hope for and nothing to teer
I carved a path from here to there, end then I
Vanished into thin air
I took the big plunge and I won the big prize
But that was no big surprIse

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