Paroles Rich Guns de Nomeansno

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  • Artiste: Nomeansno12298
  • Chanson: Rich Guns
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Textes et Paroles de Rich Guns

I hear the rich guns go pop pop, Arriba!
All this noise has got to stop, Arriba!
All those burns who have no cash, they're lazy!
And if they think they're getting ours, they're crazy!
See them mill around, hear theri angry talk
We will mow them down, we will make them stop

There are people we admire, Arriba!
Those with courage under fire, Arriba!
We will give them uniforms, Il Duce!
We will pay them to perform, Il Duce!
Hear the tramping feet of our hired guns
Doesn't it sound sweet, isn't this such fun

Hear the bullets fly, see the people die, hear the children cry
I hear the rich guns go pop pop

We will send them all around, Arriba!
To kill the fucking underground, Arriba!
Rape the women, they're whores, Las Putas!
Everything they have is yours, Las Putas!
We just want to stay in our safely homes
The chairs onm which we sit are made of human bones

Hear the bullets fly, see the people die, hear children cry
I hear the rich guns go pop pop

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