Paroles Rise de Nomeansno

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  • Artiste: Nomeansno12298
  • Chanson: Rise
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Textes et Paroles de Rise

Rise, rise and sin no more
Rise, rise and sin no more

Across the bridge and through the door
We won't talk about it, talk about it anymore
Who's on the bottom or who's on top
Look into my eyes it will never stop, never stop

Rise, rise and sin no more
Rise, rise and sin no more

Along your belly in between your thights
Look at my face, i hear you, I hear you cry
Over the mountains on top of the sky
See the bodies, writhe, writhe, writhe, withre

Who's on the bottom? who's on top ?
Rise, rise and sin no more
Rise, rise and sin no more

Bound and gagged we talk together
Through the halls and the lofty colonnades
Look at the picture that line the walls
See the bodies fall, fall, fall
Writhe, Rise

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