Paroles This Wound Will Never Heal de Nomeansno

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  • Artiste: Nomeansno12298
  • Chanson: This Wound Will Never Heal
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Textes et Paroles de This Wound Will Never Heal

A tree stands in a field
The field is bordered by a road
The road leads to a house on a hill
I live there still
No house stands on that hill
Never did, never will
And where that road goes no trees grow
I live there still

When I was a child I hid when you called my name
But then you found me and pulled me out
And hurt me just the same
I saw the open would
I saw the blood flow out
I saw my mother turn to me
When she heard my voice call out

This would will never heal
And nothing could matter less than what i think or what i feel
This would will never heal

I hope you love me
I need you wil all my soul
But what you feel and who you are
Is something i will never know
What surrounds me gives no shelter
What binds me does not hold
And the light that bathes me and warms my skin

In my eyes is always cold
That light falls through a window
See the figure that's seated there
She hold an ivory handled comb
And draws it through her hair
There is no light to see by
There is no one sitting there
But the coldness that is in my heart
Is more than i can bear

This would will never heal
And nothing could matter less than
What i think or what i feel
This wound will never heal

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