Paroles It's All Love de Nonchalant

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  • Artiste: Nonchalant24110
  • Chanson: It's All Love
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Textes et Paroles de It's All Love

I got this feelin' up inside of me that's keepin' it real
I got nothing but love inside, it's all love
Ain't down for faking, no mistaking, let me know how you feel
I got nothing but love inside, it's all love x2

[verse 1]
Hey baby I can see reflections of a life long dream
The sounds of screams got me wonderin' if my life is worth the means
I see it's only been a while, I can barley feel it's real
But niggas know about the way it goes with me, I know you know the deal
I'm only about makin' mine, brothers takin' time
And if you want to move with me then never try to fake in line
Just know how temporary life can be
And find a way to say you tryin' to live this life with me
Don't call me crazy 'coz I say the things I say when I feel them
'Coz I could never blame you for the times you said you had to feel 'em
Just get your story straight 'coz I can be a saint
Tryin' to put you in the paint, flip the shit, and try to get you back
It's never easy when you dealin' with the realsits
So just relax with us and hope to God your nervous ass don't miss
'Coz you could easily take a turn for the worst
So listen first just remember when it starts to hurt, It's all love...


[verse 2]
The longer you wait to turn around the longer your ass
is gon' be pointing in the same direction, alone with no affection
I got it all if you want it come and get it
If you're thinkin' you're the first, it's all love, baby just go with it
I feel the fire when you're vibin' wit' me
That's justified by the lines if you can find them this week
I'm puttin' it down for all my sisters livin' life like this
Through all the times you thought that one was just a sight like shit
I get this crazy feelin' knowin' that your minds not here
And I can tell the way you stare up at this world you fear
But listen, ain't no need to be afraid fool, you got it made
The ground work is laid, and if you're careful then you won't get played
Just make it easy for yourself, be a soldier for yourself
If not for nothing but the love you get from nothing else
'Coz there's a reason that I'm telling you this
To keep your mind from getting wrapped up in the turns and twists, it's all


[verse 3]
Look, I don't want it if you can't recline
Find you're timing wit' your best self, look at you just sweatin' mine
Even if we had it all night to do, I couldn't comment on this shit
I hope you might find it too
It's automatic that the way I feel I would if you please me
Never let your mind get you thinking I'm the one who's easy
Just live your life without what you might fear
And get your hands on what you know is lookin' tight right here
It's been a minute now since we've all felt the first impression
But it seems with all the love I showed you haven't learned a single lessson
Is it that you're fellin forced to do
'Coz if it is then we can always try to talk shit through
But look I need a little feedback from your side, young
Just see if you can get with that and let's have some fun with this
Love that you've been hoping for with thoughts alone
Now get yourself up off your ass before your times all gone, it's all


Nonchalant, bringing all the love in the '95, Bring me on.....
Yeah, for all the felllas tryin to step, come correct baby,
I'm lettin you know


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