Paroles In Prison de Nostradameus

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  • Artiste: Nostradameus7088
  • Chanson: In Prison
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Textes et Paroles de In Prison

[The prince:]
Thrown into prison, into "Crown's inn"
I'm sitting here all alone
Already forgotten by people I loved
Surrounded by walls of stone

Goddamn you prophet for putting me here
Anguish and hate strikes my mind
Darkens my senses, tearing my soul
The rage is making me blind

I must control my hate
Don't want to be like him now
I must fight before it's too late
Our kingdom is at stake

How / Can I be free from theese dungeons of hate
I want out to face my enemy
Can I be free from theese dungeons of hate
I / want to face the one who killed the king

[Solo Michael]

Now / I have to think, how am I to get out
Out of this dreadful place
I've got to be free to clear my name
And / revenge my father's death

I must...
How can I...

[Solo Both / Both / Jake / Michael]

I must...
How can I...
How can I...

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