Paroles Murder de Nostradameus

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  • Artiste: Nostradameus7088
  • Chanson: Murder
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Textes et Paroles de Murder

Deep in the chambers where time's standing still
There's mixtures and potions for all of his needs
The prophet is glaring with eyes cold as ice
A horrible laughter escapes from his mouth
Raving in madness when fumes are inhaled
The poison is ready to fulfill his dreams
He walks to the kitchen unseen by all
The kings food is waiting,
It's not what it seems

The crystal glassclear poison pours like wine
Soon it will steal the good king's life.
Murder !

Soon it will be solved, the problems I have
Get rid of the fool king who sits on his ass
The prince he means trouble, must take care of that
Maybe I'll frame him for murdering the king
When my lethal poison has taken his life
I'll place some leftovers for someone to find
I'll place it with great care in the young prince's room
When somebody finds it, the prince will be doomed

The crystal glassclear poison pours like wine...

[Solo Jake / Both / Michael / Jake / Michael / Jake]

The crystal glassclear poison poured like wine
Now it has brought the good king's life, to an end

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