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Nova Social
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  • Chanson: Fingerprints
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Textes et Paroles de Fingerprints

My fingerprints are everywhere,
And it's no accident
My fingerprints are everywhere,
And you know what that means.

It means that I am calling to ask you what my alibi is,
I am calling to ask you what my point in life is.

My fingerprints are everywhere,
They're all over you,
My fingerprints are everywhere,
You know what they'll ask you?

They'll ask, "Who's that scrunty guy you see on every Sunday?
And that stuff he keeps at your house,
Can we see it?
Can we see it?
Can we see you every Sunday?
Or until his fingerprints aren't anywhere?"

My fingerprints are everywhere,
And I'm a method actor
My fingerprints are everywhere,
And I'm a method actress,

Acting like a prima donna in a canyon shouting curses,
Making unfounded claims for better and worse,
Better and worse
And it'll get better on Sunday,
Once my fingerprints aren't anywhere...

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