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  • Chanson: I Am
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Textes et Paroles de I Am

[Verse 1: Novel]
I am, reverends' future black president.
I'm what you see rollin' every day through your resident
Windows tinted, young and relentless
To the cops, I'm a suspect that fits the description
But I am, not a hoodlum, I'm not an abuser
I'm sort of a connoisseur slash entrepreneur.
I've seen a lot of people grow, some went, some came
Rappers are next-generation shit but I am change.
At the age of 21 they said I'd be non-existent,
It's that, or pleading the trial or being convicted.
I guess since I'm alive then I beat the statistics
Y'all can all kiss my ass when I am rich.
I'm the sun, I'm light,
I'm much more than your bling or the shine off your ice
I'm as, free as a spirit, I'm as fly as a bird
I'm whatever I wanna be as long as I am heard
Cause I am...

I am I am I am
Eternal to the light I am I am
I'm a product of the ghetto, my father's boy,
A brother to my sister, my mother's pride and joy, I am
I am I am I am
The king of all knights I am I am
I'm the blade of the knife, that slaughtered the lamb
The greatest sacrifice, the son of Abraham

[Verse 2: Talib Kweli]
I am C-E-O, H-N-I-C
B-K-M-C, Talib Kweli
My name roll off the tongue like L-M-N-O-P
See I am at touch, you can I'm me.
I'm not nobody's toy, I'm not nobody's boy
I am someone's man, I am someone's joy
I am the voice, I am the truth
I am the choice, I am the proof.
Like my man from the D
Gon' stand on my feet
I am the branch, from the family tree
A baby to the leaves, carriers of the seeds
To carry on the name, to make a man complete.
De La Soul said I am a beat
I'm not a dream, I'm not a fantasy
Right here in the flesh,
I am out of this world, I am something else
I am something lived, I am something felt.


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