Paroles Dark Light Daybreak de Now It's Overhead

Now It's Overhead
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  • Artiste: Now It's Overhead29183
  • Chanson: Dark Light Daybreak
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Textes et Paroles de Dark Light Daybreak

i won't have a look around
no time to speak
i close my eyes
and grit my teeth
your sorries are overdone
and out of place

tremble from head to feet
out of body
an up all night
sigh of relief
and all of our hard lines
fade away

come along
we can't sleep yet
i'd love to
the further from the truth i get

sirens won't head us off
won't slow us down
you are too hard to figure out
a shadow in dark light

come along
we can't sleep yet
i'd love to
the further from the truth i get

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