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Now It's Overhead
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  • Chanson: Let Up
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Textes et Paroles de Let Up

I'm sick of living in this movie
Everybody looking through me
No one here to hold
I just wake up and leave.
A chill is in my bones
more than this sunless early winter morning
Waiting for a ride
Out in the freezing rain

And it goes by
Without stopping

Her stuff is on the counter
what if I had never met her?
All I know is just a feeling
from inside my veins
I am broken-hearted
It is awful worse than i had ever guessed
I wouldn't wish it on an enemy

And I can't hear
What my friends say

It won't let up
Just enough
To come down
Just one day.
I have given up
All but one
Thing I
Can do or say

Blood is rushing, pumping through
My heart to push the oxygen and
Opiates through arteries up to my brain
The beat is systematic
not the reason for my habit
I just need a bigger picture
to fill in the space
My head is getting lighter
I can almost hear my sister calling
Begging for my reason to go on this way

I'm sick of living in this movie
Everybody looking through me
No one here to hold me
As I fade away
But I won't die
In no pain
I won't die, won't die
Won't die, won't die
I won't die, won't die
Won't die, won't die

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