Paroles Root Of All Evil de Nural

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  • Artiste: Nural15132
  • Chanson: Root Of All Evil
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Textes et Paroles de Root Of All Evil

From the Heavens I can see
the world hardly moving, what
could make it turn? Maybe
life itself, or could it be
love? or God with a gentle
I fear what i know not what
i wonder. All the weight of
the world on my back finally
kills me. But i know that it
won't ever take me
So take your money right
back to the hell it came.
Don't wait and don't worry I
won't be standing in your
way. So to hell with your
money before you suffer the
same fate
From the heavens it would
seem the world hasn't got a
care. Perfect from afar.
Though it's shape may be it's
visitors are flawed. They
take and still want more

(Thanks to wanda for these lyrics)

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