Paroles American Game de O-Town

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  • Artiste: O-Town2869
  • Chanson: American Game
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Textes et Paroles de American Game

So here it goes
The story of my life so I've been told
Get on follow boy or you'll be left out in the cold
But I dont give a damn
'Cause I know who I am
And you don't gotta understand
'Cause I can't change for no man

I chose to go along the road less traveled
I chose to go the road less traveled yeah

I play the American Game
But I don't play the same
I got my hat tipped down
I got my peace sign out
And I'm not gonna change

So here I am
Generation X now I'm happy as hell
'Cause I'm rockin' in here
On American soil, mmmm put it back

Because of you my friends
I can live my life and I can be
Free to be me
It's such a feeling to
Not have to give a damn
'Cause I know who I am
And ya'll don't gotta understand
'Cause I don't change for no man

'Cause I chose, to go along that road less traveled
I chose to go along the road less traveled


I don't give a damn
'Cause I know who I am
But I don't play the same

I play the American Game
But I dont play the same

[Chorus x2]

I play the American Game

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