Paroles No Survivors de October 31

October 31
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  • Artiste: October 317152
  • Chanson: No Survivors
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Textes et Paroles de No Survivors

No one lives, we all die
Prepare yourself for the end
No survivors on this night
Say goodbye my friend
Joining hands and saying prayers
Won't stop what's coming next
When the final seconds tick away
The next station stop is death

So watch it happen, see it burn
Terror aboard this flight
Hand in hand, they know the truth
That all will lose their lives
No survivors, finally no one's left to scream
Bring the body bags
For there's truly no survivors

No survivors, no survivors on this flight
No survivors on this night

Clinch in fear, scream in pain
Accept this all as fate
The ship is sinking to beyond
No turning back, too late
Take the time to pray to God
But the master now is Death
Those final seconds tick away
Your life is fading fast

Train has come crashing down
Life for you is done
Look the reaper in the eye
Yes, you are the one
Warning lights see only red
As fate is seeing green
The only ride you're taking now
Is on the death machine.

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