Paroles Salem's Curse de October 31

October 31
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  • Artiste: October 317152
  • Chanson: Salem's Curse
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Textes et Paroles de Salem's Curse

Their souls possessed by evil
Their lives belong to him
Millions of years have watched them reign
The streets of old Salem
The force is which they worship
Scars the town with sin
Those who serve the evil one
This night will ride with them yeah!

In the name of Lucifer, the burning one
With the powers of hell itself they have come
Tonight they are armed with evil
Evil is their call
No one can stop this dawning curse
No one can see it fall
The devil's won, the evil's come tonight!
At night they ride again, at night they ride...

In the streets they preach the devil
Bringing only death
As little children say their prayers
Before they lay to rest
They pray they'll stand the coming terror
And wake to see the sun
As unholy soldiers slay them all one by one

The devil's won, the evil's come!
The stormbringer rides into town
To bring it to the ground

Our hearts have felt their deviance
The markings of the beast
A million years awaiting
Time to rise up and be free, free, free
Rise up and be free,
Free we're all free so rise up and be free!

Their holy land is in despair
The mighty how they fall
With burning darkness in their veins
They're fighting Satan's war

Salem's curse

The devil's won, the devil's come tonight!
The stormbringer rides into town
To bring it to the ground
At night they ride again
At night they ride again

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