Paroles IV de October Falls

October Falls
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  • Artiste: October Falls51430
  • Chanson: IV
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Textes et Paroles de IV

A mark of the north, burned to the skin, scarred to the bone
Men howling like the wolves, the beasts of the unlight
It's not salvation that draws near, but the burden of flesh
The strength beyond the borders, the nations tied to nothing
A grave of the broken spirits, the hollow shelters of hope
The white daughters of wolves, dancing in the embers of mankind
And like a thousand words of eternal hunger
Or a thousand pages written with the blood of the traitors
The death devouring beast now howls among the men
The bones forever marked and the skin forever marked
With a blaze of the deepest north, dwelling inside
Internal flame's raging, like the final pyres of mankind

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