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October Project
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  • Chanson: Deep As You Go
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Textes et Paroles de Deep As You Go

Deep as you go I'll follow
Deep as the water goes
All the world is hollow and dry
But you and I go down
You and I go down

Far as you want to take me
Far as your eyes can see
Leave the world alone in the sky
You and I go free
You and I are free

Don't save me
Don't lose me
Don't wake me now
You left me
You release me
Let me drown
Take me down

Promise to take me with you
Promise to let me go
All the world is waiting to see
As you and I go down
You and I are free

Don't save me

I want to be completed
I want to disappear
I want to be uncovered
Take me down
Take me down
Let me drown

Somehow I need to love you
More than I need to breathe
I can feel you leaving the ground
I will follow down
You and I will drown

Don't save me

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