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Textes et Paroles de Caroline

They say you were born in St. Claire's hospital
I say you were born up in the sky
You come floatin' down over New Orleans
To the sweet green levee on the river side
And your voice chirped like old squeaky shoes
And momma always said we had nothing to lose
And so we danced on the street corner

Oh Caroline
(Round) Caroline
Heartbroken hard times, they never got us down
Walkin' the same line through every single southern town
Hand in hand your arm 'round mine
Oh Caroline

Oh Caroline
(Round) Caroline
I seen it all change, watch it change some more
Seen hard times standin' right outside your door
Tell me gal what's on your mind
Oh Caroline

We were the Cardinals' biggest fans
Turnin' flips like Ozzy Smith all through the night
'Til we got traded away
To the Red Clay Southern League up on the Georgia line
You be the pitcher and the catcher too
I'm the home run king before his muscles grew
Gonna knock the cover off this time


These are different days
And the pace of the world has us thinking there's no time
To turn the other way
Take my hand and we'll walk on down the line
Though we may be a thousand miles apart
A brother and a sister have a single heart
And the beat don't stop for nothin'


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