Paroles Face That Screams de Operation Ivy

Operation Ivy
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  • Artiste: Operation Ivy10377
  • Chanson: Face That Screams
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Textes et Paroles de Face That Screams

What happened to the world? Guess it just got full of pain
The skies of the capitol building up a shade of gray
To when we caught on and set down at the side
Waiting for the end of the ride
It's as easy guessing do they sit down in the back?
To end the way we're never winning what quick close is that?
This lost civilization
The richest aggressive and proud

Have you ever seen?
It's the thick of a face that screams
Have you ever seen?
It's the thick of a face that screams

Then when other women started screaming out this song
The lyrics filled with Johnny who's likely gone wrong
You can't help singing louder and a no idea attack
Explaining that Johnny was on smack
think it's hideous the fog disappeared
Passages on the back of the growing entity up there
Every so often in the middle of a lunch
You say "uhh mister I ain't no bitch"

Have you ever seen?
It's the thick of a face that screams
Have you ever seen?
It's the thick of a face that screams

Their power once so cheap
Her strength once so clear

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