Paroles Plea For Peace de Operation Ivy

Operation Ivy
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  • Artiste: Operation Ivy10377
  • Chanson: Plea For Peace
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Textes et Paroles de Plea For Peace

It wasn't my decision, I was a victim of circumstance
It wasn't right, I knew I never had a chance
My anger grew so fucking large it almost overcame
My independence almost got lost to the violence chain
Pieces of a machine called education (I was desparate) I plea for peace
Victim of the cycle of intimidation (I was separate) I plea for peace
They'll find you (running hiding)
Way down inside you
And I plea for peace
Certain jocks sought control instead of escape
From pain inside, with stupid violence formed by hate
Power and strength, but no power in their own lives
Ignorance with the knowldge they're always right
(S.A.G. break)

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