Paroles Black As Sin, Pale As Death / Autumn Whispers de Ophthalamia

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  • Artiste: Ophthalamia7352
  • Chanson: Black As Sin, Pale As Death / Autumn Whispers
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Textes et Paroles de Black As Sin, Pale As Death / Autumn Whispers

Forest of evergreen stories,
where the trees hide a dying sky
The cemetaries within our hearts
that grow as they're fed
Welcome to the dying one of mine, soon it'll burst
The humger of my eyes will fill my thirsty blade
Now that I speak of lust hear my voice as a scream of doom
Watch the funerals of all mortals that died by my hand

A voice filled with silence raises
from the black of the rotting trees
Dawn bind hear with your beauty
and let me feel her moisture
The solitary wind that whispers
gently awakes the frosty fields
Fading morning sun enslaves her nakedness into oblivion

Feel my greedy hands,

holding their grasp around your breasts
You are raped by loneliness,
betrayed by the cause of itself
Do not cry my child, for the tears will burn your soul

Your sorrowfilled grave I will close
fill your heart with dust and age

The automn will and for ages follow thy whisper of mine
At the bed of leaves where your life lies upon

The pounding heart of my automn will rejoice to your cries
Now countess pure, goodness and virginity,
hear us forge our lies

Dead leaves falling in your eyes
Witnessing your choking last breath
Together with the tune of your dying cries
'Cause I'm black as sin and pale as death

Oh Yeah!
The distant mountain range
with its wisdom of an age from beyond
Make her obey and yes, let her fill she's filled with me
Rain stare at a coming sleep
and let our lips feel your blood
Weaker are our eyes
or is it just your memory coming to life?

The grass is not blind, so feel its every twitch
you're raped by my evil, betrayed by your fucking God
The grave is filled, Sic transit gloria mundi!

Disperse your weak ones for here I'm coming forth... Ha Ha!

Walk with me automn for you and I are made to hate

Do let the leaves fill your skin
they do want your exitment

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