Paroles Great Are The Deeds Of Death de Ophthalamia

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  • Artiste: Ophthalamia7352
  • Chanson: Great Are The Deeds Of Death
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Textes et Paroles de Great Are The Deeds Of Death

[words: It ; tunes: It, Night, Bone]

The nightsky seem to darken as if blood of black was in it's veins And
thoughts of horrible deeds had imprisoned me in it's chains Not even the
shadows of the castle must know of my plans For tonight in his sleep the king
will die by my hands Elishia - great huntress of the night Elishia - Guide me
on my quest for might I am the evil thoughts of murder, I'm everything,
I'm your death I am your ruler I am your king there's just me and me
The rain poured down from a dying sky as the king was about to die Raged
winds outside were moaning and blowing as time for death is growing It's
time to die and face the wind that that will take away your murdered soul Yes I
have lied and turned my back but now I'll have the power to rule With blood
on my hands I am being crowned And the crown of lies will be placed on my
had I'll descend from the sky My soul is black and filthy of sin My only
thoughts are of evil I raise this dagger to sacrifice but my god I'm so feeble
Ohh, you dark sorrow strong let me out of your grip Yes leave me here to
sail away on my lonely ship Elishia - Lead this dagger to power Elishia -
Help me in my darkest hour I am the evil thoughts of murder, I'm
everything, I'm your death I am your ruler I am your king there's just me
and me Not an ounce of light not a feeling of joy I might as well be dead that
would be for the best This dagger should cut me and tear at my evil heart
Misery will be my only company in the deeds of death Choking depression
Hunt me no further Where I walk only grey silence will prevail
Great are the deeds of death

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