Paroles Myself / Dreaming de Ophthalamia

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  • Artiste: Ophthalamia7352
  • Chanson: Myself / Dreaming
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Textes et Paroles de Myself / Dreaming

Sleeping: Disturbing pictures of myself
Dreaming: Running through my nightmares
Screaming: The shadows reach out of me
Mirrors: I'm haunted by myself

Through myself I see myself
Darkness is engulfing me
The ending of my mortal life
Is the only way for me

[Whisper] The suicide is the shadows behind my face
[Whisper] In the well of death lies my fate

Sleeping: Lying cold in my grave
Dreaming: Dreaming no more
Screaming: Unheard in the void of death
Mirrors: Shatters all around

[Repeat Chorus]

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