Paroles Slowly Passing The Frostlands / A Winterland's Tear de Ophthalamia

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  • Artiste: Ophthalamia7352
  • Chanson: Slowly Passing The Frostlands / A Winterland's Tear
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Textes et Paroles de Slowly Passing The Frostlands / A Winterland's Tear

I hereby raise a monument over my brothers' death
And I'll carry his burdens mystery


A snow of ancient art lies heavy on this barren land
Falling down in a wide whirling inferno of celestial orgasm
Don't they see the embryos quiet swile
or my nails in the behind of her?

Groan at the blizzard
Drink a cup of midnight kiss
Abandonned and pregnant she is

Daughters and Sons
don't you see your mother is lying forgotten in the snow?
Buried in its long pale wedding dress of winter
Drenched in the secret of jesus christ's pitiful god

HA! Lady born of good
She's tight as a nun
Oh spirit of naked fun

The winter night smiles at your beauty
There is no white birth only black death
Watch a bloody grin cut you in two
In the snowdrift crucified by a weak humanity

All of you innocent will be punished
Let me feed your cunt at the ocean of rapes
Behold my wrath as I gently crack your hips
Hear my starved sigh slowly passing the frostlands

Creeps lie still in your cradle
and I'll make you sleep at fullmoon
Sodomy, depressions, war and hate follow me to conquer
I will hold you in my cloak
and feed you with my dagger of lies

Little one nothing is fair
She's at her very last
In these lands so vast

Swollow my spirit!
For do they know who I am
or whom I've been somewhere in a distant past?
The froth freezes on my lips as I see the red room
Lie wide, open up, let me touch and let me kill

At this attic of the lost
My stare of empty and ice
And those crystal tears from your eyes

Watch the snow turn red
And my brother is my daughter
the mother's worthless body lies cold
Lift your cups for Satan smiles

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