Paroles Four de Ordo Draconis

Ordo Draconis
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  • Artiste: Ordo Draconis9582
  • Chanson: Four
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Textes et Paroles de Four

IMMORTAL, eternal, unspeakable and unshaped:
Spirits of fire!
Invisible king, who has taken the earth as his castle:
Spirits of the earth!
Terrible king of the sea, of the waters in the underworld:
Spirits of water!
Ghost of light, ghost of wisdom, whose breath gives life:
Spirits of the air!

Elemental spirits,
Hear our words of calling.
Grant us the knowledge
To see through the second face.

Angel with the dead eyes, obey or flow away with the water.
Winged taurus, work or return to the earth.
Chained eagle, obey this sign or retreat.
Serpent in movement, clasp thee at my feet.
Or be tormented by the fires of revenge.

That the fire may return to the water,
That the fire may burn,
That the earth may fall upon the earth,
That the air may circulate.

Appear before us, rulers of the elements,
For we call upon thee
From the four points of the compass,
Where your empires are hidden.
Appear before us!

Spirits of fire, ruled by Djinn
From thy empire in the south,
Spirits of the earth, ruled by Gob
From thy empire in the north,
Spirits of water, ruled by Nicksa,
From thy empire in the west,
Spirits of the air, ruled by Paralda
From thy empire in the east,

Appear before us!

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