Paroles Lead Frames de Orillia Opry

Orillia Opry
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  • Artiste: Orillia Opry54536
  • Chanson: Lead Frames
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Textes et Paroles de Lead Frames

Lead framed windows for eyes
Was all that the doctor replied
Crutch that I'm sure you'll despise
Glasses make for better eyes

It's the lead that makes them all cry

I told you the doctor was right
It all disappears at first sight
So please don't deny me my flight
Lead framed windows for eyes

Obstructing and glossing your sight

As long as we love what we do
Deliberately walking in two
Saving the sitting for you
Who has the best scenic view

Is it too much a party for two
Somebody's waiting, all big and tall
With a cut for a mind
I wanna rip it wide

Someone beside me who could break like a doll
Glass feet and all inoperably small

Nobody cares for us all
I feel like protecting the small
Watching the length of their crawl

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