Paroles Bed Abuse de Owen

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  • Artiste: Owen29856
  • Chanson: Bed Abuse
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Textes et Paroles de Bed Abuse

i spend most days in this bed that i abuse,
on these pillows that you can't get used to.
i spend entire days putting off that which can't wait
until i'm knee deep in my own waste.

and i think that i'm justified 'cause i've seen what trying's done for those who've tried.

i spend most days in this bed too small for two,
misplacing time like i've got it to lose.
i spend endless days thinking of all the different ways that we make love.

and i think that i'm justified 'cause i've seen what living's done for those alive.
(little to none... little to none)

i spend entire days in this bed too small for two,
on these pillows that you can't get used to.
and that's why i don't sleep at night...
and that's why i don't feel right in this city...
it's more me than you.

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