Paroles Mrs. Modern Mother Mary de Pain Of Salvation

Pain Of Salvation
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  • Artiste: Pain Of Salvation4252
  • Chanson: Mrs. Modern Mother Mary
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Textes et Paroles de Mrs. Modern Mother Mary

We'll cut you down to size
there is a woman burning at the center square
raven black eyes and long let out hair
while cloaked vultures holier-than-thou circle and glare
at sweat drops on pale skin like satin
and as the raging flames work her into cinder
said in their defence:
stupidity and ignorance
prejudice and intolerance
all sound so much wiser when dressed up
in Latin
life will never be the same
I have a bigger world since I found God
truth will never be the same
I'm in a righter mind since I found God
I found...
Mrs Modern Mother Mary
all pale and weary
from raising her overweight kids in the outskirts of Suburbia
on a nice christian gender based salary
and a church she can merely attend
and there on the flip-side of Caucasia we see
Miss Modern Mary Magdalene
gone Deep Throat
on international cabel TV
so you keep talking about progress and equality
but to me
the crusade is still on my friend
silly me who always thought
life was for the living
and giving in to lust
was all to give and to be given
life will never be the same
I have a better view since I found God
guilt will never be the same
I'm on a higher ground since I found God
I found God...
life will never be the same
I have a better view now
there's always someone else to blame
I'm on the winning team now
death will never be the same
I'm in the faster lane now
no more am I the one to blame
I have a juster cause now
love will never be the same
lust will never be the same
shame will never be the same
I will never be the same
you will never be the same

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