Paroles Set-up de Pain

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  • Artiste: Pain5175
  • Chanson: Set-up
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Textes et Paroles de Set-up

Set up on the corner with your little booth
Handing out your b.s. pamphlets to the youth
Like no one knows what's really on
I know what's on - it's not your song
I can't take it
You want a donation for God
You want a donation for religion
Or is it our fraud?
I don't care
About your cause - your one side laws
I don't care
About the shit you do
I don't care
About your friends - your means and ends
I don't care
About your cause
You say that all you wanna do is educate
What makes you think your views are so fucking great?
What can you teach tha niggaz and the po white trash
When you're sleeping warm at night in a bed of cash?

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