Paroles February 17 de Pansy Division

Pansy Division
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  • Chanson: February 17
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Textes et Paroles de February 17

It's hard enough to wake up
Every day of my life
But tonight it's even
Harder than before

Cuz I don't know what I'm doing
At this place, at this time
And I don't know how I got here
That's for sure

Year after year it's getting clear
They're flying by, I know
Day after day they speed away
I wonder where they go

And there's nothing new it seems
On February 17
I guess I better pinch myself today
But I'm older than I seem
On February 17
I wonder do I like myself today?

Well I know that things can go wrong
Between the days of my life
Just when you think you're fine
You've hit the floor

And when someone says you're looking
They're telling you lies
You look older than
You ever did before

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